The best bits of Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks gives you a cloud destination where your bookmarks are safe and secure, and of course accessible from any browser on any device. As well as storing the basic title and URL, Google Bookmarks allow you to tag bookmarks and add your own notes. And of course they are all fully searchable.

Boodori - CHECK

... integrated with Chrome

The Chrome phenomnenon allows users to seamlessly browse from their desktop, through Chromebooks and down to the mobile and who knows what next. Chrome Bookmarks are simplicity incarnate. Two clicks and any page is safely bookmarked. The effortless syncing of Chrome Bookmarks between devices is a huge benefit in this multi-device world that we live in.

Boodori - CHECK

... with our secret sauce

We don't stop there.

  • Any notes you make are displayed alongside the page whenever you visit it
  • Your bookmarks are accessible via a REST API, so third party websites can store bookmarks for you
  • For sight impaired users, we provide spoken output and control of your bookmarks.

Boodori proudly makes use of Google AppEngine, Google Cloud Endpoints, Google Drive, AngularJS, Chrome Extensions